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april 2017

The Un-Holy Trinity of Function by Dr. Jeff Horowitz


Dr. Carla Cohn
Conquer the Kids & Win the Family


Implant Dentistry for General Dentist to Incorporate
Into Their Everyday Practice
Dr. Paul Petrungaro


Guided Bone Regeneration &
The Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin
In Everyday Dentistry ~ Dr. Al Panjali

In my youth, I lived in Chicago, just outside Wrigleyville. The skills of the greats, such as Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Ron Santo, were daily topics of discussion with my brothers and friends. Frequently during home games, we would walk over to Wrigley Field and, for a dollar, get bleacher seats. This would be followed by endless, exciting hours spent emulating our favorite players and, for many nights afterward, sleeping with our baseball mitts under our pillows. This was an empowering experience.

Years later, I still find myself adhering to this same pattern. Only now, rather than baseball players, the “greats” that my colleagues and friends discuss include names like Gordon Christensen, Frank Spear and Carl Misch. We travel farther, pay more than a dollar and we’re not just spectators in dental seminars, but often “hands-on” in the “game”. After spending time at a quality seminar, surrounded with like-minded colleagues, I find myself feeling energized, empowered and eager to incorporate new skills into my practice.

My professional involvement with the Academy of General Dentistry began with my commitment to continuing education. It is through the desire to keep learning and expanding our abilities that we are revitalized. As I assume the role of the 2017 President of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry, I encourage everyone to empower yourselves by seeking out colleagues who want to learn, sharpen their skills, and expand their abilities. I think you will find that your practice, your community and general dentistry, itself, will be a better place.

Stephen Petras DMD, MAGD
Illinois Academy of General Dentistry

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The CE Advisory is a publication of the Illinois AGD that provides information on a year’s worth of course offerings across all four levels and components for the state – the Illinois AGD and its 3 geographic divisions: Chicago AGD, Northern Illinois AGD and Central Illinois AGD.  This publication is mailed to all dentists in the state each summer.

The CE Advisory is THE essential reference to find the very best in continuing education.

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Illinois AGD is the statewide Illinois AGD Constituent. The Components are localized, comprised of Northern Illinois AGD, Central Illinois AGD and Chicago AGD.

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