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Student Leaders

Student Leaders in ILAGD

University of Illinois- Chicago
D-4 President: Dan Pagel
D-3 Representative: Nicholae Brown
D-2 Representative: Cassie Mora
D-1 Representative: Stephanie Schreiber
A-4 President: Asima Chughtai
A-3 Representative: Malik Al-Grouz
Event Coordinator D-2: Kailyn Schulz

Fundraiser Coordinator: Matt Rhee
Faculty Liaison: Dr. Jun Lim

Senior Student Dental Award Recipients Spring 2017-
Dr. Khyati Patel
Dr. Steve Kim

Midwestern University- Downers Grove
D-4 Representative: Tyler DeAnda
D-4 Representative: Elizabeth (Libby) Standerwick
D-3 Representative: Emily Koufus
D-3 Representative: Andrew Adiputra
D-2 Representative: Alexandra Newton
D-2 Representative: Candice Kountz Hamilton
D-1 Co-Representatives: Margaret Eastham & Macy Huetti
Faculty Liaison: Theresa Lao, DDS, FAGD
Faculty Liaison: Larry Williams, DDS, MAGD, ABGD
Faculty Liaison: Ryan Vahdani, DDS, FAGD

Senior Student Dental Award Recipients Spring 2017-
Nicole Ford
Brandon Wood

Southern Illinois University- Alton
No student reps

Senior Student Dental Award Recipients 2017-

Casey Ritchart & Ashley Cain

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