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COVID-19 Vaccine update:  https://www.agd.org/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccines/

CDC State Vaccination link: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/covid19-vaccination-guidance.html

Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting listing of CE courses with AGD subject codes and hours: https://www.agd.org/continuing-education-events/manage-my-ce/dental-meeting-courses

Dear friends and colleagues,
After 2020’s unprecedented and interesting turn of events in the world and in our country, I hope the start of the new year has been a good one for you.
It was very evident to me during the pandemic how important it is that we each stay involved in AGD and organized dentistry. The AGD and its constituents worked hard to keep us all informed, our staff and patients safe, and our families secure. Our profession continues to be strong and provide us all a stable financial position and life.
Our volunteer colleagues and leaders in IL AGD and its 3 components (Central IL, Chicago and Northern IL) worked tirelessly and virtually to develop CE programs and promote advocacy for our benefit. The IL AGD MasterTrack program also has gone virtual but has stayed hands on too! Be sure to attend these programs regularly and participate live when you can!
We all have a role in keeping our profession solid and progressive. As a member of IL AGD, we are given the opportunity to spread the word and values of life-long learning. Be sure to an invite one of your colleagues to become a member of the organization that is the voice of the general dentist! Thank you all for the contributions that you extend to your organization, its members and potential new members.
As 2021 president of the Illinois AGD, I want to thank you all for your support. Along with your IL AGD officers and Board of Directors, I am resolute in improving the ways we practice, teach, research and learn.
Contact us if you have any concerns or ideas that can help our profession and organization grow. We are all in this together and together we will stay strong!
Theresa Lao, DDS, FAGD

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The CE Advisory is a publication of the Illinois AGD that provides information on a year’s worth of course offerings across all four levels and components for the state – the Illinois AGD and its 3 geographic divisions: Chicago AGD, Northern Illinois AGD and Central Illinois AGD.  This publication is mailed to all dentists in the state each summer.

The CE Advisory is THE essential reference to find the very best in continuing education. Note- due to the pandemic and remote-only CE, we have not published a 2020-2021 CE Advisory. Please stay tuned for the 2021-2022 issue due out during the summer of 2021.

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Illinois AGD is the statewide Illinois AGD Constituent. The Components are localized, comprised of Northern Illinois AGD, Central Illinois AGD and Chicago AGD.

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