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As I embark on my term as Illinois AGD Board President, I cannot help but be in awe of the wonderful volunteers who serve with me on the Board. These men and women are all exceptional leaders. It is through their strength and commitment that we will bring all our resources to fully serve the Illinois AGD dentists.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to Continuing Education. The Weclew Lecture has moved to January 21, 2022, and it will be virtual. It will feature Teresa Duncan discussing Dental Insurance in a Day for the Entire Team. Chicago AGD will present four interesting courses in the Chicago suburbs. The Northern Illinois Component will have three lectures in Rockford. The Central Illinois Component will host three two-day lectures in Alton. Illinois AGD also runs a Mastertrack Program featuring four two-day hands-on lectures to fast track our fellows and pre-fellows to receive the Mastertrack Award. This class is also beneficial for new dentists to receive knowledge from world class clinicians in a hands-on environment. There are scholarships available for new dentists for the various Mastertrack Programs. This is a tremendous benefit for new dentists for membership in the Illinois AGD. Continuing education through lifelong learning helps us to better treat our patients, and the camaraderie we share with likeminded clinicians fosters lifelong friendships.

Advocacy for the general dentist is what our fine leaders are undertaking with trips to Springfield to protect our interests. Our combined support of organized dentistry has never been more important.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Illinois AGD President. I look forward to meeting you at our CE meetings and activities whether in person or virtually.

Thank you,
Bill Lawley

IL AGD President 2022

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The CE Advisory is a publication of the Illinois AGD that provides information on a year’s worth of course offerings across all four levels and components for the state – the Illinois AGD and its 3 geographic divisions: Chicago AGD, Northern Illinois AGD and Central Illinois AGD.  This publication is mailed to all dentists in the state each summer.

The CE Advisory is THE essential reference to find the very best in continuing education. Note- due to the pandemic and remote-only CE, we have not published a 2020-2021 CE Advisory. Please stay tuned for the 2021-2022 issue due out during the summer of 2021.

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Illinois AGD is the statewide Illinois AGD Constituent. The Components are localized, comprised of Northern Illinois AGD, Central Illinois AGD and Chicago AGD.

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