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As president of Illinois Academy of General Dentistry (ILAGD), it is a great honor and privilege to serve our members at the state of IL. Our missions are the followings:
• To promote life-long learning by providing the highest quality of continuing education courses in all three components of ILAGD: Northern, Central and Chicago.
• To Advocate for our members and representing them at the national level at the Academy of General Dentistry House of Delegates.
It is the time to maintain our focus and dedication to further grow our organization and serve our members. It is truly remarkable what was accomplished by working together, being transparent, and maintaining open communication with our members. It is a testament to our commitment to the profession of dentistry, strength of purpose and passion for helping our members. Going forward, we are at the crossroads in which we learned from the past, and we are well positioned today to meet and exceed our accomplishments of the past.
It is incredibly humbling to lead this esteemed organization, and I look forward to building a brighter future together.

Ryan Vahdani, DDS, MHA, MAGD
President of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry
President of the Chicago Component of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry
[email protected]

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Illinois AGD is the statewide Illinois AGD Constituent. The Components are localized, comprised of Northern Illinois AGD, Central Illinois AGD and Chicago AGD.  Region 17 members are made up of numerous constituencies including Air Force, Army, Navy, Public Health, Veterans Administration as well as unorganized constituencies: Civil Service, International (Canadian Armed Forces), and Peace Corps who serve nationally and internationally.

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