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Central Illinois AGD Presents: Sleep Medicine – Dr. Jim Metz at SIU SDM, Alton, IL

November 20, 2015 - November 21, 2015

Course Title:
Breathe, YOUR life depends on it!


Present a logical way to incorporate Mandibular Advancement Therapy into Dental Practice.
Course Description:

Breathing is basic.  Our primitive brain controls the process, and we take it for granted.  We as dentists can influence the available oxygen dramatically.  An understanding of the physiology of breathing will allow for a more precise treatment plan of our restorative care.  Consider that the quality of breath may well increase your patient’s quality of life and possibly even their lifespan, as well as the durability of our finished restorative cases.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this seminar, participants will be knowledgeable in:

1.     Why we sleep

2.     Physiology of sleep (advanced focus is the heart, brain, and basic pulmonology)

3.     Terminology of Sleep Medicine

4.     Understand the pathophysiology, demographics and sequelae of OSA

5.     Building a delivery team in the office.

6.     Evaluate, analyze and comprehend polysomnogram reports and understand the necessity of medical evaluation and importance of a multidisciplinary team approach to treating snoring and OSA

7.     Understanding Appliances (Dissecting the oral appliance).

8.     Titration

a.     Basic screening oximetry

b.     Protocol for taking the lateral cephalometric radiograph

c.      Advanced interpretation of High Resolution Pulse Oximetry for titration.  Interpretation is the key to success.

d.     Fine tuning the mandibular advancement device

e.     Measurement of outcomes

f.      Follow-up to track healing/verifying the outcome

9.     The appointment process – how to handle the flow.  Keeping the data straight and knowing where you are in the process.  The key here is to have patients “fall through the cracks!”  Excellent outcomes are a must and patient compliance can be difficult.

10.    Patient motivation – it is more than an appliance.  Oral appliances are not mechanical.  Over-eating, alcohol, marijuana, sedatives, and nonprescription medications can change outcomes.  Communication with the patient is essential for success.

11.    Orthodontics and Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment hold great promise of treating people more conservatively than Maxillary Mandibular Osteotomy.

12.    Advanced – putting it all together.  The process from intake to completed treatment.  Apply practical concepts for building and developing a successful dental sleep medicine practice, including an overview of informed consent, relationships with physicians, sources of patient referrals, follow-up with current patients, record keeping, and medical insurance billing.

13.    Billing and Insurance.

Hands-On Experience:

Integrate the knowledge learned on PSG’s, Oximetry, and Mandibular Advancement Devices on Day One, and:

  1. Learn to how to fine tune mandubular advancement devices
  2. Learn to utilize home oximetry devices
  3. Evaluate cephs to titrate appliances
Map of Alton IL Map of the SIU Campus


November 20, 2015
November 21, 2015
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Dr. Susan Bishop


Type of Event
Lecture & Participation

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