NILAGD Presented: “Advances in Dental Phamacotheraphy”

Northern ILAGD presented “Advances in Dental Phamacotheraphy: How to Maximize Success While Limiting Risk in Everyday Practice” on April 8th. Professor Karen Baker discussed the range of drug therapy options available to dental practitioners and the changes in the last ten years. She reviewed the recent developments in dental pharmacotherapy, while providing strategies for prescribing to ensure therapeutic success. Specific attention was given to certain controversial areas including antibiotic premedication of joint replacement patients and office management of dental anxiety. Potentially dangerous drug and supplement interactions important in clinical dentistry was given and reviewed, with emphasis on avoidance and patient management strategies. We hope to see you at our next program, “The Evolution of Endodontics” presented by Dr. Brian Habas on Friday, October 7, 2022.

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