Central ILAGD Presents: Update on Implant Dentistry by Dr. Bill Cusack

Update on Implant Dentistry

Dr. Bill Cusack presented a very valuable and informative lecture on Implants at SIUSDM, sponsored by the Central IL AGD (CIAGD) on Friday June 15, 2018.

He covered methods of tooth extraction, immediate placement and temporization. Also discussed was how the All on 4 treatment modality can provide a very beneficial option for the appropriate patient. Dr. Cusack presented many slides of case presentation including surgical and prosthetic steps. He also outlined methods and materials for dealing with the maxillary sinus; how to recognize, manage and avoid soft tissue problems, along with how to utilize various implant shapes and sizes to your clinical advantage. He also presented a number of extremely valuable slides on how to deal with complications and broken parts associated with dental implants.

Feedback from the course was superb, with many attendees commenting that they learned so much from the cases that did not go well, or as planned, as this is not commonly taught in many lectures.

During the lunch hour, CIAGD presented $200 FellowTrack Research Awards to SIU-SDM students Alexis Lintker, C.R. Choate, Hunter Watson and Luke Revelt for outstanding research.

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