Central ILAGD Presents: Pharmacology Update & Advances for the Pediatric & Geriatric Patient & Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology – Drs. Karen Baker & John Olsen ~ March 24-25, 2017

The Central ILAGD hosted Pharmacology Update and Advances for the Pediatric and Geriatric Patient & Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology on March 24-25 with Dr. Karen Baker and Dr. John Olsen. The range of drug therapy options available to general dentists has greatly expanded over the past ten years. This expansion has opened the door to unprecedented therapeutic successes as well as serious drug misadventures. This two day course updated the clinician on recent developments in pediatric & geriatric pharmacotherapy while providing strategies for prescribing to ensure therapeutic success. Drug therapy and alternative medicine reference sources were listed and critiqued as to usefulness in daily practice. Clinically relevant information about effectiveness, adverse effects, patient specific drug selection criteria, dosing, and cost were presented for systemic antibiotics, analgesics and anxiolytics commonly used in pediatric & geriatric dentistry. Special attention was given to certain controversial areas including dental treatment considerations for medicated children and regimens of choice for oral mucositis. Extensive and very current handouts were provided to maximize the chair-side value of this fast-paced and clinically relevant lecture and participation course. Save the date, June 9-10 for CIAGD’s program on Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Pain Control with Stanley Malamed and Rick Ritt.

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