2017 Organized Dentistry Panel Discussion with MWU D-1 students

The Illinois AGD participated in the orientation program for the Class of 2021 at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Illinois on Tuesday, August 29th. Dr. Larry Williams, Past President of the Illinois AGD participated in a panel discussion on organized dentistry along with representatives from the Chicago Dental Society, Treasurer, Dr. Dean Nichols, the Illinois State Dental Society, President, Dr. Terry Barnes, and the American Dental Association, Dr. Michael Durbin, Past Chair of the Council on Membership. Dean Lex MacNeil, an AGD Fellow, introduced the doctors on the panel and asked them to advise the students on the role that each organization will play during their academic years and in the dental medicine careers in the future. The students voiced concerns about the student debt crisis and the future of the dental profession and health care in general. Several students wanted to know how to become involved in organized dentistry as a student. Dr. Larry Williams discussed the importance of organized dentistry in developing their leadership and networking skills. He also emphasized that continuing education is an essential component of overall professional excellence. The AGD, CDS, ISDS and ADA are all committed to helping the students during their academic years, their transition from student to dentist and in their future careers as dentists. Dr. Cheryl Mora, Past President of ILAGD, Dr. Ryan Vahdani, ILAGD Board member and Assistant Professor at MWU, and Kathy Ridley, ISDS Director of Meetings & Membership also attended the program.


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