UIC COD Lunch & Learn – February 19, 2016

The Illinois AGD held its first Fellowtrack Lunch and Learn of 2016 at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry on February 19th. Mark Buczko, Vice President of Dentist’s Advantage presented, “Malpractice Insurance 101.” Mr. Buczko discussed the many “ins and outs” of dental malpractice insurance including: What’s covered and what’s not, occurrence and claims –made policies, how premiums are determined, and how to evaluate your insurance provider. All dentists need to have a thorough understanding of their malpractice insurance, and this program provided the basic information students need for when the graduate and embark on their careers. The IL AGD also distributed IL AGD logo scrubs to the new International Students who started their program in January. The IL AGD would like to thank these volunteers: Dr. George Zehak, Scott Miller, Spencer Bloom, Judy Fan-Hsu and Cheryl Mora as well as our student representatives, Saeed Naseri and Asima Chugthai for their help with distributing the scrubs. The students receive continuing education credit for this and all PACE/CERP approved programs that will be applied towards their Fellowship Award after they graduate. AGD is offering new dental school graduates and residents liability Insurance coverage through Dentist’s Advantage for up to 12 months at no cost. Visit agd.org/newgrad to sign up! Dentist’s Advantage offers AGD members up to a 20% savings on premiums. Go www.dentists-advantage.com for more information.

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