UIC COD D-1 Breakfast Orientation – August 11, 2016

Illinois AGD had the pleasure of welcoming the UIC COD Dental Class of 2020 at breakfast on August 11, 2016. Drs. Cheryl Mora, Past President, Dr. Larry Williams, Immediate Past President, and Dr. Sue Mayer, President of the IL AGD introduced the students to AGD with a presentation entitled, “What can AGD do for me?” Drs. Sy Wachtenheim and Michael Mora from IL AGD and AGD Membership staff Sara Murphy and Aleida Lane also attended the breakfast to meet and greet the students. All the doctors and AGD staff discussed the importance of being involved in organized dentistry by answering the following questions.

Do you wonder if you will learn everything in dental school that you will need to know to practice dentistry? The AGD recognizes that learning doesn’t stop once a student is finished with dental school, and since continuing education is such an important part of our members’ careers, we want our student members to learn the value of lifelong learning early on. Experienced dentists know that our profession is ever changing and that keeping current is vitally important in our dental practices. That is why AGD offers students the opportunity to earn up to 50 hours of CE lecture credit while they are still in school, and apply the credit toward the prestigious AGD Fellowship (FAGD) Award after graduation. Students can also attend the AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits for free and many of the local Illinois CE courses are offered at a discounted rate or for free.  Members can also take advantage of Self-Instruction exercises in our peer reviewed journal-General Dentistry and participate in Webinars at AGD.org. Lunch & Learn programs and after school CE events are offered to the students at the three dental schools in Illinois as well. Go to ILAGD.org for a list of courses in Illinois and AGD.org for online programs and for more information on the Annual & Exhibits meeting that will be in San Francisco, June 18-21, 2015.

Do you want to know how to find an associate position or how to build or buy a practice after graduation? The AGD offers Career Assistance to students, new graduates and dentists. Members can browse the AGD Career Center to check out available jobs, to seek advice from fellow AGD members on what career path may be right for them and to find out more about AEGD and GPR programs. Plus, the AGD Student Transition manual available online outlines everything a new dentist needs to know about transitioning from a dental student to a dental professional, including how to set up and manage a dental practice. Often the best career assistance comes from your colleagues and the networking opportunities at AGD will assist your throughout your career.

Do you want to be “in the know” about legislation and state board actions affecting dentistry?  As the general dentist’s advocate, the AGD monitors important issues that may affect the way general dentists practice both on the local and national level, and sends out action alerts to keep members informed. AGD is the voice of the general dentist, advocating on behalf of its members at our annual Government Relations conference in Washington, D.C. and in Springfield at our state capital. The AGD also acts on the general dentist’s behalf within organized dentistry, protecting their interests and collaborating to strengthen their voice with other dental organizations.

Do you want to know how to distinguish yourself among your peers? The AGD recognizes those dentists who are committed to improving the quality of dental care they provide to their patients through continuing education. Become a Fellow in the AGD by earning 500 hours of CE, taking a comprehensive examination and being a member of AGD for three continuous years.  General dentist members may then earn the designation of “Master” of the AGD by completing a structured and demanding set of requirements that include an additional 600 hours of continuing education, 400 hours of which must be participatory in nature. The AGD also offers many opportunities for Leadership Development at both the local and national levels. The skills learned as a leader in organized dentistry will help you excel in your professional relationships with your patients, staff and colleagues.

These are just some of the reasons why our members value AGD and what the organization does for their careers and their patients. Go to ILAGD.org and AGD.org and also to Facebook to find out more ways AGD will make you a more successful dental student and help you in your journey towards graduation and starting your dental career.

Dr. Cheryl Mora,

President, IL AGD

Council Chair, Membership Council

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