Northern ILAGD Presents: Today’s Top Clinical Tips & The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation ~Dr. Lee Ann Brady

Dentistry is changing rapidly. Being successful and efficient means staying on top of the newest trends. The Northern ILAGD on Friday, October 27, 2017 presented Dr. Lee Ann Brady who offered the top clinical tips and techniques she is teaching. Some are tried and true approaches that remain successful, while others introduce new materials and approaches. Tips included were prevention, posterior composites and indirect all ceramics. The interactive lecture also presented a systemized approach to treatment planning and case presentation. The comprehensive approach covers the areas of esthetics, function and health. Participant’s learned how to put the system into practice by actively treatment planning multiple cases during the program, and discussing them with peers, then seeing how the cases were ultimately managed. Dr. Brady quoted, “You only treat what you plan, You only plan what you diagnose, You only diagnose what you see, What do you see?” Northern Illinois next course is on Friday, April 6, 2018 with Dr. Karl Koerner presenting Oral Surgery.

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