NIAGD Presents: A Practical Review and Update in Oral Pathology by Dr. John Kalmar

Discussions of oral pathology often bring back dental school memories of spending long nights memorizing hundreds of red, white, radiopaque and radiolucent oral lesions. Dr. John Kalmar, DMD, PhD in his presentation: “A Practical Review and Update in Oral Pathology,” made reviewing this important subject fun and interesting. Thirty-five doctors traveled to Rockford, IL and spent the day reviewing how to do a clinical evaluation of the patient, along with discussing cases that illustrated the various types of oral pathology we encounter in our everyday practices. Dr. Kalmar emphasized the need to understand the medico-legal value of recording pertinent clinical findings, developing the differential diagnosis and consistent patient follow-up. Absence of a written record means the condition doesn’t exist. Current research and concepts on oral cancer and precancerous lesions and the role of the human papilloma virus (HPV) in oral pharyngeal cancer were examined. NIAGD’s new venue, Giovanni’s Restaurant and Convention Center was excellent. Thanks very much to Dr. Steve Petras, IL AGD President Elect, Dr. Beth Sacrey, NIAGD treasurer and Jill Freese for organizing this program. NIAGD will be hosting their next CE course on October 14, 2016 and will be on full dentures.

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