Mastertrack Presents: Update on Oral Facial Cancer, Oral Medicine & Preventing Implant Failures by Dr. John Olsen

Oral cancer is the 6th deadliest cancer in the United States. 51,540 people have been diagnosed with oral cancer in the U.S. 10,030 people will die of oral cancer in 2018. 70% of oral cancers are found in the late stages and over the last 9 years, the incidence of oral cancer has been on the rise. The doctors who attended “Update on Oral Facial Cancer, Oral Medicine & Preventing Implant Failures” with Dr. John Olsen reviewed how to recognize signs of oral cancer and treatment modalities. They learned the specific uses of biopsy and diagnostic tools in oral cancer. A summary of specific oral medications used in dentistry for pain management, to control infection and to stimulate growth factors in healing was discussed. On the second day of the course the practitioners learned to recognize implant infections and failures. The lecture and hands on exercises focused not only on the ways to avoid failures with present technologies, but also how to treat them. The next ILAGD hands-on participation course “A Clear Approach to Clear Aligner Therapy; Go Digital or Go Home” by Dr. Neil Warshawsky is April 5-6, 2019. Register at MT Orthodontics April 2019

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