ILAGD Presents: Dental Materials by Dr. Sam Halabo ~ November 10-11, 2017


Modern Dentistry is ever changing with the constant introduction of new materials and techniques. The ILAGD Mastertrack 2-day course on Dental Materials with Dr. Sam Halabo provided a strong foundation for the practicing dentist, as well as updated their knowledge in current and successful materials. The presentations were designed as clinical updates, offering clinical success with composites, adhesives, ceramics, cements, and numerous other materials. Each day featured a hands-on portion to allow practitioners to use the very materials discussed, in detail. This fast paced course was designed to provide the information that can be used the following day in our offices, and improve the care we provide to our patients. The doctors learned about adhesives, tissue management, whitening, ceramics, impression taking, temporization, tooth preparation and more. These hands-on programs were designed originally for AGD Fellows striving to be AGD Masters. We have discovered that these programs can be valuable to all dentists from new graduates to the most experienced clinicians, in fact, we offer two scholarships to each Mastertrack program to new dentists out of school less than 3 years. Don’t miss our next Mastertrack course on Anesthesia & Sedation for the general dentist at our new location, the Midway Dental Education Center in Wood Dale, IL on April 13-14, 2018. Go to to register.

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