ILAGD Mastertrack Presents: Root Canal Treatment Efficiency Through Simplicity

Root Canal Treatment Efficiency Through Simplicity
David Landwehr D.D.S., M.S. Capital Endodontics ( Madison, Wisconsin

The Illinois Academy Of General Dentistry is pleased to have Dr. Landwehr, DDS, MS an endodontic specialist of Madison, Wisconsin as our third Mastertrack instructor.  Dr. Landwehr covered aspects of endodontic care from proper medical and dental preoperative evaluation and differential diagnosis of lesions, to the actual simple, effective, predictable endodontic treatment. He stated that since 80% of endodontic treatment is performed by general dentists (GP’s) that GP’s need to have a simple and efficient methodology of creating endodontic success.  He taught a methodical process of radiographic and clinical evaluation as well as utilizing computerized tomography (CBCT) to better envision root canal morphology and surrounding anatomy. It is always good to review dental medicine.
Dr. Landwehr also covered anesthetics and anesthesia. Everything was geared to a simple methodology and armamentarium. He stressed simplicity in access, cleansing, instrumentation utilizing “Glide Path Management” and obturation. He ended his presentation discussing restorative aspects following endodontic treatment.

Overall, a fabulous presentation and educational Mastertrack event. One doctor stated this about the course: “I hated doing endo and haven’t done it for over 30 years! This course is evidence old dogs can learn new tricks. I am seriously considering reinstituting endodontic treatment in my practice.” We look forward to having Dr. Landwehr back teaching another Mastertrack course in the near future.
By Ivan Valcarenghi, DDS, FAGD, D.ABDSM

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