Chicago AGD Presents: Opioid Requirements and Pharmacology by Dr. John Olsen

Opioid Requirements and Pharmacology
with Dr. John Olsen
November 13, 2020

The Chicago Component of the Illinois Academy Of General Dentistry is pleased to announce another successful virtual seminar on Opioid Requirements & Pharmacology, featuring Dr. John Olsen, of Franklin, Wisconsin.
After working out some of the “bugs” in this new venue, I am pleased to announce season pass #2 enjoyed great success and support for these virtual seminars.
At first, there may have been some reticence and hesitation from doctors and sponsors, but I am pleased to say most comments are positive and we are gaining new sponsors for these virtual events.
I am pleased to receive the support of new sponsors, Chris Balut from Masterdent builders. If you are looking for a contractor to remodel or build an office, Masterdent comes highly recommended by FAGD dentist, Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi who built a new office in Elmhurst, Il. And we are pleased to have Midwest Dental Sleep Centers participate as sponsors as well in our season pass seminar series.

If you are interested in attending the next two seminars, or would like to sponsor one of these events, please contact: Jessica Gibbs, DDS, FAGD
2020-2021 Education Program Course Director
Chicago Component of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry
[email protected]

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