Chicago AGD Presents: Incorporation of Platelet Rich Fibrin into Implant & Bone Replacement Procedures by Dr. Paul Petrungaro

The Chicago AGD opened its 2018-2019 season with “Incorporation of Platelet Rich Fibrin into Implant & Bone Replacement Procedures: Education, Science and Delivery by Dr. Paul Petrungaro, This dynamic course offered a clinical perspective on the use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Autoglogus Platelet Rich Fibrin used in Periodontal, Oral Surgical and Dental Implant Procedures for over a 20+ year time period. The use of platelet rich growth factors in soft tissue grafting procedures, bone grafting and regeneration, single and multiple implant placement and provisionalization loading protocols were discussed. Sinus lift procedures and horizontal and vertical ridge augmentations were demonstrated by multiple clinical case examples. The preparation of A-PRF, I-PRF and PRP were be presented and demonstrated. The doctors then practiced the procedures on pig jaws and models. Please join us for our next CE program on November 9th at Ditka’s in Oakbook Terrace: Endodontics: From Diagnosis to Obturation by Dr. Bill Nudera. You still have time to buy a season’s pass and bring one of your colleagues to one of the remaining three programs for free!

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