Central ILAGD Presents: Anesthesia/Pain Control & Emergency Medicine by Dr. Stanley Malamed & Rick Ritt

Central IL AGD Presents: Anesthesia/Pain Control and Emergency Medicine ~ Dr. Stanley Malamed and Rick Ritt, EMT-Paramedic ~ June 9-10, 2017 The Central ILAGD hosted the renowned Dr. Stanley Malamed for an informative and entertaining presentation on the many aspects of local anesthesia, new drugs and alternative approaches to effective mandibular anesthesia. Later in the day he reviewed cardiovascular emergencies, the means to prepare for them, and to recognize and manage them. The two-day participation course was then followed on Saturday by an absolutely outstanding educator, EMT & Paramedic, Rick Ritt. Mr. Ritt addressed the proper assessment and management of complications and emergencies associated with not only our dental patient, but also those that might be encountered in the general public. A variety of routine to complex cases were presented using not only didactic methodology, but also by the use of a Sim Man® advanced simulator whereby small groups were presented with a “body” that emitted neurological and physiological conditions such as speech, EKG, respiration, angioedema and more. These groups were tasked with coming up with the appropriate treatment for random emergency conditions based on the symptoms exhibited by the Sim Man®. This was another in a series of outstanding courses presented by the CILAGD. So effective was the instruction, and so attentive were the doctors & staffs, that on Friday night, our very own Dr. Brenden Moon, along with two residents, rushed to the aid of a stricken waitress at the hotel. Without warning she collapsed to the floor, in seizure and bleeding from the head and nose. Dr. Moon & team were right on top of things, stabilizing the patient and assigning tasks to call 911 and sending someone out to meet the ambulance. Kudos to Dr. Moon and team!

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